a mosaic documentary | US - Mexico

What’s a mosaic documentary?

Border Stories is re-imagining the documentary, one with no beginning, middle, or end. Its only linear aspect is the border itself. Our crew travels the length of the U.S.–Mexico border, from Brownsville, Texas to Tijuana, Mexico in search of stories that portray the human face of this politically and emotionally-charged region.

Here at, we showcase short, focused video installments. Isolated from the whole, these pieces may seem disparate, but together they form new meanings that transcend their individual subject matter. In this way, we hope to show – but not get lost in – the complexities of the U.S.-Mexico border region. Each story is important, but there is larger meaning in the mosaic as a whole.


Beyond a boundary drawn on a map, a border is a mosaic of stories from both sides of the line.